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We turn big data into smart data, because just collecting your customer data is not enough. We analyse your data, keeping your specific needs in mind. Furthermore, we look intensely into the findings to completely understand your data and recommend the best practices for your company.

We are one of the few players on the market that work with Hadoop technology. That allows us to store enormous amounts of internal and external data as well as link them, analyse them and derive marketing activities from them. In comparison to classic customer relationship management (CRM) tools, with Hadoop this happens in real time.

We get the most out of your data. That way you can reach your customers at the ideal time and with the perfect offer for that moment. This makes your company even more profitable and efficient - and of course your customers happier.

  • use of Hadoop technology
  • merging of different data sources
  • data storage in one system
  • enormous storage capacities
  • real time data processing
  • data analysis and assessment
  • deriving of specific strategies
  • concrete concepts for sales and marketing activities
  • targeted customer approach at the ideal time

We play it safe

Safety and care are not just buzzwords for us. We have our own in-house data centre and at our two server locations in Vienna, your data is doubly protected. We don't sell data and our investments in IT security make sure that hackers don't stand a chance. What's more, we choose only renowned partners to be our IT-service providers.

We can do even more:

"We aim to use our IT solutions to make a positive impact on people.”

Dr. Fern Watson, Data Scientist


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We keep you informed

With our blog we keep you up to date with everything exciting, unusual, exceptional and of course trendy that has to do with our IT world.