Customer Care

Our work is not finished with just the technical solutions. The day-to-day care of your customers is part of our offer. We don't offer a classic call centre, but rather take care of each customer individually, based on their needs. Our customer care agents don't rely on FAQ catalogues or pre-written texts. They communicate in seven languages - German and English of course, but also Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech and Croatian. Our agents are mostly native speakers.

The customer care team is stationed in Vienna and reachable over all communication channels. Our main objective is to offer your customers fast and unbureaucratic solutions to their concerns.

  • Communication by phone, email or even letter in seven languages
  • product information
  • complaints management
  • return management
  • further investigation
  • application and card management
  • data administration

you can rely on that

It is a matter of fact for us, that customer data need to be handled carefully and diligently - in day to day business as well as when it comes to data security. There are no hidden clauses in our contracts that would allow the resale of customer data. That is against our principles.

We can do even more:

"In the digital world, our most valuable resources are still the peoples."

Anita T. Németh, head of strategic HR


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