Customer Loyalty Programes

Over 20 years ago, we started our business with loyalty cards and systems - our name is still a nice reminder of that beginning. Yet technology is forever evolving, and more and more cards are being swapped for apps. Big data, business intelligence and many more technological advances offer completely new possibilities when it comes to the development of innovative loyalty programmes.

We use the opportunities that technological advances offer us to give you perfect solutions for your customers! That way you can offer attractive, surprising and individual goodies that your customers can't get anywhere else.

  • analysis, consulting & concept work
  • individual technical solutions for web and mobile apps, as well as loyalty cards
  • with bonus points, vouchers and payment options
  • newsletter services
  • hosting & data management
  • campaign management
  • customer care for your customers

We use the potential

Individuality is at the forefront in every one of our project phases. We start our concept phase with your requirements in mind and enrich them with fresh, modern ideas.

We don't believe in out of the box "standard tech", but prefer to develop exclusive applications that are specifically tailored to your company. That way, we can make certain that your company's potential is used to the fullest.

In order to keep the project duration to a minimum, we present the first solution ideas as rapid prototypes. Only after you are fully convinced of our solution, do we begin with the development.

Naturally, all our solutions are mobile first and optimised for use on different devices and browsers.

We can do even more:

"It fascinates me how individually we can programme today. That creates enormous potential for customer loyalty."

Csaba Szakatics, expert marketing


Take a look at some of our successful projects and collaborations:

We keep you informed

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